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New Dimensions in all body colours

Clay Dark

5 cabinet colour no extra charge
21 cabinet colours Optional

New Dimensions also handleless

Handleless kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, just like the kitchens from New Dimensions. Since last year, all handleless versions are also available in New Dimensions with 91 cm wide base units. The construction is based on a continuous trough profile directly under the worktop. The bottom pull-outs can be opened using the push to open system. Super tight and super practical

Sights of New Dimensions

At New Dimensions there is hardly any loss of space, as skirtings of 5 or 7 cm are often used. During installation, the adjustable feet can be adjusted from the inside if required (a drilling template is included in the delivery). But now there is also a handy pair of pliers for effortless adjustment of the rear struts. Another point is the planning of a suitable dishwasher. There are more and more dishwashers on the market with sliding doors that can be perfectly installed behind a 91 cm high door. Please consult our CULITECHSELECTION®online

Advantages of New Dimensions

New Dimensions is a product that can look forward to a strong increase in sales on the Dutch market.
These are the advantages:
  • 16% more space in your cupboards and less wasted space behind the skirting
  • Possibility for additional drawers or for larger pull-outs
  • Ergonomic working height: after all, the Dutch are the tallest people in the world
  • The demand for thin worktops is still increasing, which requires higher base units.