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Trendkitchen 4

Dark Split Oak

en Just Grey

Scroll down to see and read more about the it's new Split Oak and grayscale expansion features. Or watch the video of this trenditchen first ... or watch the entire video tour immediately ...

The complete video tour

In this video tour of about 20 minutes, we'll tour the seven trend kitchens together ...

For a good picture of the many novelties …

Dark Split Oak

Split Oak is the trend in wooden kitchens. This high-quality plastic front has what is known as a synchronous porosity, which means that the print of the wood decor runs exactly parallel to the tangible wood grain, even where you see black "cracks" in the wood. A "real" wooden kitchen with all the benefits of plastic. You see here the color Dark Split Oak. There are two other Split Oak varieties.

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Just Grey

Just Grey is a current shade of gray that fits right in with our times and also with Rotpunkt's color palette. Just Grey makes the connection between the popular colors Grigio and Daylight Grey. Just Grey completes the series of bright shades of gray between Snow and Black. Just Grey is available in many different front colors and also as a body color. In this arrangement you see Just Grey in the XT plastic anti-fingerprint version.

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Wall Solutions

This year another addition to the accessories of our Wall Solutions wall system: A handy magnetic knife holder. Many useful accessories are available, from handy towel hooks to luxurious shelves. The wall panels are available in all 19 mm collection colors and are finished with matte black metal profiles.Under the recessed worktop and behind the Ripasso fronts and panels are black corpuses. Interior and exterior color with dark-colored technical parts, such as hinges, drawers and baskets.

Form walls

New Dimensions base cabinets are concealed behind the "floating" form walls in front design, with a matte black metal design profile at the corners. The extra-high base cabinets with 16% more cabinet capacity provide an ergonomic working height and less lost space behind the baseboard.

Mounting cabinets

Our tall cabinets are available up to a whopping 234 cm (excluding plinth). For higher spaces, we show here that you can just keep on planning with add-on cabinets. Long live our logical grid size system. The possibilities are endless.

Program 1
Front color
Zerox HPL XT extreem mat
XT Just Grey
Price group 0.5 Panels etc.: price column etc.
Program 2
Front color
Zerox SY Synchron Pore
SY Dark Split Oak
Price Group 0.2
Color and size
New Dimensions 91 cm high
Plinth 7 cm high
FM Just Grey en FM Black
Sighting equipment
Topline Mulitplex F2499P
MP20 – price group CTS – F
Zanussi combimagnetrons ZVEKM6K2
In your showroom

Examples of showroom kitchens with novelties

Our trend kitchen will not fit every showroom spot. Therefore, we have drawn some more compact examples. These also have the novelties such as the front colors Just Grey and Dark Split Oak and the signature items Wall Solutions and shaped walls with metal profile. Of course, we are happy to assist in designing a kitchen for your showroom.