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Zerox SY |  Iron KQ

Old Split Oak   |  Black Steel

Both the island and the wall arrangement have a living and working area

Old Split Oak

A new wood decor in the Rotpunkt collection. Because of its natural character, it can very well be used in kitchens with a residential function. The cracks in the decor image are very natural, which is further enhanced by the structure that is synchronous with the colour image.

Black shoes

The protective profiles, also known as 'shoes', will from now on be supplied in black. That goes well with the black built-in appliances, black handles, and also the many 'Inner Beauty' items that can be found behind the fronts.

The setup

The longer you look at this setup, the more special planning details you see. The table top continues into the island arrangement; the room side of the island has convenient and decorative open compartments; the black tall units in the middle and the top cabinets above all tall units are placed slightly ‘deeper’; the through doors have full height handles.

New Split Oak decor
Black shoes for panels
Behind these doors there are black shelf supports
Countersunk worktop


  • Programme Zerox SY Old Split Oak
  • Black shoes for panels
  • Black shelf supports


  • Island in New Dimensions 91 cm high cabinets
  • Wall Solutions with shelves
  • Wall unit with recessed worktop
  • High cabinets with through doors and bar handles


  • Programme Zerox SY Old Split Oak
  • Program Iron KQ Black Steel
  • Handles 854 Black
  • Corpus Black

Take a closer look

The true-to-life Old Split Oak decor
Black protective strips for panels
Panels of the flexible Wall Solutions wall system
Continuous black handles 854
Wall unit with recessed worktop

Matching body colours

Rotpunkt has more than twenty different body colours where the cabinets on the inside and outside are in colour. The black cracks in the Old Split Oak decor call for bodies in Black. For a more Scandinavian look you can also choose corpusses in Snow or White. For those who like a little less contrast, probably prefer Lava, Sand or Terra Grey.


The Simacore worktop from Topline in the colour TOP002SC is a Topmatch Twins and corresponds to the front colour Iron KQ Black Steel.
The worktop on the kitchen is TC10, 10 mm thick. As table top we have chosen TC60, 60 mm thick. The tabletop is supported by an Industrial Frame from Rotpunkt.


In the centre of the high cabinet wall we showed two completely black Zanussi combination microwave ovens, which can of course also be found in the CULITECHSELECTION®. A full-fledged oven with microwave at a very attractive price. This microwave oven is a ‘Our Choice’ device with an attractive pricing.
An Atag cooktop with integrated extractor fan is built into the modular cooktop cabinet. A new 87 cm wide design hob with bridge function and automatic programs.
The dishwasher is from Siemens. The sliding door makes it perfect to build in a New Dimensions kitchen.

Combined microwave ovens
Induction cooker
Siemens Studioline