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We care about our Carbon Footprint

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“Choose Greenline, so that generations after you can also enjoy nature”.

It is only logical that you want a kitchen that lasts a long time. But it must also be green and be produced in an energy-efficient way. That’s why you can choose Greenline’s environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets at no extra cost. Cabinets and fronts of our new Greenline kitchens are made of extremely stable BioBoard Gen2. In BioBoard Gen2 90% recycled wood is used. As a result, even fewer trees need to be felled and future generations will also be able to enjoy our beautiful nature.

Fortunately, more and more people are thinking about the future of the earth, so that later on I can also enjoy nature. For people who want to take care of the environment, there are now also environmentally friendly kitchens. This makes the earth a lot healthier and will continue to do so in the future.

But there is more. BioBoard Gen2 complies with the strictest emission standards. When it comes to the emission of formaldehyde, BioBoard Gen2 complies with the F**** standard, which is the world’s strictest standard in this field. This puts us well below the standards of CARB2 and E05. BioBoard Gen2 guarantees a healthy indoor climate.

Greenline body colours:

15 Greenline Gen2 cabinet colours
Our Greenline Gen2 collection currently consists of 15 body colours, including the new colour Clay Dark, and a large number of matching fronts.

Greenline Carbon Care

Greenline Carbon Care is a revolutionary step forward in the kitchen sector. Not only environmentally conscious and Co2 neutral produced, but now your kitchen is also Co2 neutral by compensating raw materials and semi-finished products.

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We care about our Carbon Footprint

A kitchen with Greenline Carbon Care offers you the opportunity to make a conscious choice for the environment.
A kitchen Co2 neutrally produced, but now also your kitchen Co2 neutral by compensating raw materials and semi-finished products.

The environmentally conscious choice to make your kitchen Co2 neutral can be made by using the Greenline Carbon Care display. The display contains the possibility to offer and sell your kitchen Co2.

The product boxes in the display contain two passes with unique numbers: one for the kitchen retailer and another for the consumer. The compensation can be activated by providing the product code and a unique certificate number when ordering the kitchen.
Once ordered from the manufacturer, the compensation will be allocated to the order and will be transparent to the consumer.

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We care about our Carbon Footprint

Greenline Carbon Care transport compensation

Co2 is created during the transport of a kitchen. We think it is very important that not only is the transport from the manufacturer to your Co2 neutral, but from now on it will also be possible to offset the emissions from the kilometres driven to and from the consumer. We compensate your emissions by planting new trees.

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Greenline Carbon Care display

A conscious choice on the shop floor

To jointly make even more environmentally conscious choices, we offer you a Greenline Carbon Care display. This display creates a moment of conversation and shows a green and environmentally conscious attitude.

The Greenline Carbon Care display contains two types of certificate, one to compensate for your transport and logistics and one to completely compensate the kitchen sold in terms of CO2 emissions. This makes a Greenline kitchen not only Co2 neutral produced but also the most conscious when it comes to the Co2 balance after production of kitchen, right up to placing it with the consumer.

€ 00.-

We wish you good luck selling this promising and environmentally friendly product!