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Memory BW Burned Wood

Burned Wood Black

Contemporary and nostalgic: burnt wood!

Burned Wood

The popular veneered programme Memory has undergone an extra processing, giving the experience of burnt wood and reminiscent of lava stone and charcoal.

Handle 495

The new cast iron handles harmonise particularly well with the Burned Wood fronts, both in terms of colour and structure. A cast iron knob is also available.

The setup

On approximately 15m2 a complete arrangement with island with bar area for two persons and wall arrangement with two high cabinets. The cooking part and the rinsing part are aligned with each other. On the room side of the island there is a wine storage cupboard.

Burned Wood in de kleur Coal Black
New cast iron handle
Wine storage cabinet


  • Programme Memory BW Burned Wood Black
  • Black shelf supports
  • Cast iron handle
  • Black Torx body connection screws
  • Black handle screws with Torx
  • Suspended waste bins behind basket bins


  • Wine storage cabinet UGWS with Chimney Glass
  • Zircon 1400 charging system


  • Programme Memory BW Burned Wood Black
  • Handles 495
  • Corpus Black

Take a closer look

Detail of the Burned Wood surface

Wine storage cabinet with wooden shelves and interior lighting

New cast iron handle

Matching body colours

Rotpunkt has more than twenty different body colours where the cabinets on the inside and outside are in colour. The character of the Burned Wood fronts and the ‘charcoal lines’ fit very well with a carcass in the colour Lava. Black and Carbon are also good possibilities.


With effect from 1 October 2020 we are introducing a new worktop supplier at HDS Dealer Support: Dekker. Besides the fact that Dekker has a complete range of worktops in all material types, the Dekker collection is in a number of areas a good addition to the current range at HDS. In this kitchen we show an exclusive ceramic top: XStone Calacatta Green, 20 mm thick. The mitred edge is provided with a Gunmetal profile, which fits perfectly with the Gunmetal sink unit and the Gunmetal tap. By the way, these also fit perfectly with the new cast iron handles on the fronts.


We would like to draw your attention to Atag’s Black Steel oven. Black Steel appliances fit perfectly in dark kitchens and also harmonise very well with Rotpunkt’s Burned Wood fronts.
The dishwasher is from Zanussi. The sliding door makes it perfect to build in a New Dimensions kitchen. The dishwasher has another important feature: the split kitchen fronts are attached to the dishwasher very stably by means of a rail. The installation kit must be ordered separately.

Zanussi Selections
Induction cooker
Senza Nome
Shape Emotion