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Zerox HPL XT  |  Bicolore FM

Clay Dark  |  City Brown Oak

Supermat Clay Dark met Bicolore inzet en plafondframe

Clay Dark – a warm dark shade of grey

Clay Dark is a rather dark shade of grey, slightly lighter than Carbon, but above all warmer. At present we still see an increasing demand for dark cabinet and front colours.


Break through the monotony and plan cabinets from our Bicolore collection. The drawer fronts can be provided with a different front colour. This creates a contrasting or harmonising line in your kitchen

The setup

This arrangement in the new colour Clay Dark has several eye-catching peculiarities. The appliances are built in on the side of the cupboard wall, creating more calm in the appearance of the kitchen. The drawers on the living room side are in Bicolore City Brown Oak, which combines well with the inside of the glass cabinets. The ceiling frame is not only decorative, but also gives a lot of extra space. There are also many novelties and highlights behind the doors.

Frontline skirting boards
Bicolore cabinets
Island frame with lighting
Front colour Clay Dark XT
Glass cabinets K with 20 mm frame


  • Front colour Clay Dark XT
  • Body colour Clay Dark
  • New Dimension Corpus Clay Dark
  • Bicolore cabinets
  • Island frame
  • Premium glass shelves
  • Black shelf supports
  • Suspended waste bins behind basket bins
to novelties


  • Island in New Dimensions 91 cm high cabinets
  • Glass cabinets K with 20 mm frame
  • Drawer system Zircon City Brown Oak
  • XGE handle-less insert profile Black Stainless Steel
  • Tall units vertically handle-less
  • Frontline skirting boards
  • Venice LED lighting in the tall units with glass
  • Lighting top of high cupboard wall


Take a closer look

Here you can see how the new black shelf supports are effortlessly integrated into the whole.

Zircon City baskets match the Bicolore part of the arrangement and the inside of the glass cabinets.

A detailed picture of the skirting board placed to the front which is flush with the fronts

Matching body colours

Rotpunkt has more than twenty different body colours where the cabinets on the inside and outside are in colour. The same body colour has also been defined for the new front colour Clay Dark. Clay Dark can also be combined very well with body colours that are darker: Carbon or Black. For those who prefer a slightly lighter warm grey shade, we recommend Umbra or Kashmir Grey, which come from the same colour family as Clay Dark.


Here we have chosen a Topline 20 mm TopMatch Harmony worktop in ceramic in a harmonious colour: Iron Moss.
The Bicolore cabinets are fitted with Rotpunkt cover panels in the colour of the drawers: City Brown Oak.


We introduce a new brand in our CULITECHSELECTION®: Bauknecht. The oven and combi-microwave built in on the side of the cabinet wall are from Bauknecht. We made a conscious choice to do this, because these appliances are handle-less and therefore blend in completely with the cupboard wall. The Mulitfunctional turbo-assisted oven and the compact oven with microwave function won the iF Design Award in 2019.
An important and unique feature of the AEG dishwasher is that the split fronts can be attached to the dishwasher very stably by means of a rail. The installation kit must be ordered separately. Because of the sliding door system this dishwasher is also very suitable to build into a New Dimensions set-up.
Below is an overview of the appliances that match this kitchen and this setup

EMEK11 F545