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Our topics.
Most of them are probably already known. Some of them are:
Griffos, Greenline, unlimited wood, glass doors, new dimensions and package chains.
But what you do not know yet is that there are new aspects to all topics …


Specialist for handleless kitchens

It has been 5 years since we introduced our Greenline – from BioBoard – kitchens. A big step forward in the field of sustainability and the responsible use of raw materials. That’s why we announced the next big step in the field of sustainable, green and environmentally friendly kitchens earlier this year: Greenline BioBoard Gen2.
And now it’s time for… Greenline Carbon Care

Because we are getting bigger and bigger, the demand for higher kitchens is also growing. With ‘New Dimensions’ we not only meet this demand for ergonomic working height, but also add an extra dimension when it comes to extra storage space. This year we offer the possibility to order kitchens from New Dimensions in all carcase colours.

Wood Unlimited

Are you someone who loves wood? Practical! Because with us you have almost unlimited choices when it comes to wooden fronts for your kitchen cabinets. You can select your favourite in 4 steps.

Glass doors

In addition to an enormous variety of glass doors to match our different door shapes, we also have a wide range of glass doors and options to match the industrial frames.

New products

Would you like to see our latest products?