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Zerox HPL XT 

Daylight Grey

Space: extra-high wall units, Jumbo depth and New Dimensions base unit height.

Modular hob cabinets

We produce the ideal cabinet for every brand and every type of hob with integrated extractor fan Taking into account the thickness of the worktop and the depth of the cupboards, the space inside the cupboard with drawers is used optimally Nothing needs to be adjusted during installation

Shelves with metal frames

Metal frames are placed on the front sides of the shelves. On the one hand for extra protection, on the other hand it fits perfectly with the XGY Black handle-less version of this kitchen and all the Inner Beauty elements behind the doors.

The setup

The New Dimensions block with base units gives extra space because the base units are no less than 91 cm high. Moreover, they are extra deep, with a 75 cm deep worktop. A sea of space. This also applies to the extra-high wall units of 117 cm high. The Wall Solutions system on the back wall also provides sufficient space for useful and decorative accessories. This also applies to the extra-high wall units of 117 cm high. In this kitchen you also see again a beautiful combination of horizontal and vertical handle-less, by means of the XGY profiles.

Extra high wall cabinets
Daylight Grey is a new XT colour
XGY profile on fronts in Black
Modular hob cabinet
Form walls with black mitre profile
Vertical handleless
Wall Solutions rear wall



  • Programme Zerox HPL XT Daylight Grey
  • Horizontal handleless XGY Black
  • Vertical gripless XGY Black
  • Mitered molded walls
  • Modular hob cabinet
  • Shelves with metal fronts
  • Black shelf supports


  • Jumbo deep base cabinets with jumbo deep baskets
  • Wall units 117 cm high
  • Wall Solutions flexible wall system
  • Wall cabinets with top LED lighting
  • Tall units with LED lighting at the top
  • New Dimensions base cabinets


  • Programme Zerox HPL XT Daylight Grey
  • Insert profile XGY XT Black
  • Corpus Black

Take a closer look

Moulded walls complete a handleless kitchen

The modular cooktop unit for cooktops with integrated extractor fan does not waste any space

Jumbo depth gives extra space on the worktop

New Dimensions base cabinets for an ergonomically sound working height and extra cupboard space

Extra high wall cabinets – available in 104, 117 and 130 cm high

Matching body colours

Rotpunkt has more than twenty different body colours where the cabinets on the inside and outside are in colour. For this kitchen, we opted for carcasses in Black, which match the XGY profiles in black very well. But carcasses in the front colour Daylight Grey would also have been a good choice. Matching the colour of the worktop would have led to the choice of bodies in Snow. In a Scandinavian interior, City Natural Oak would not be out of place, while Nogero adds a more Italian touch to the kitchen.


The Topline Simacore worktops match the super-matt XT fronts of the kitchen furniture very well in terms of appearance. Black Fenix worktops can actually be combined with all front colours. A white leaf or a leaf in a different shade of grey are of course also possible. It is a question of taste.


Between the matte fronts we have placed two matte black AEG appliances; also matching the other black details in the kitchen.
The new Siemens InductionAir cooktop fits in a 56×49 cm recess and in a 60 cm cooktop cabinet.
The dishwasher is from Siemens. The sliding door makes it perfect to build in a New Dimensions kitchen.

Microwave oven
Induction cooker
Siemens Studioline
Siemens Studio Line