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Watch the videos of our trend kitchens personally presented by Bert, Falko, Jeannette, Mark and Rob.

In a few minutes per trend pitch you will receive an explanation of the most important novelties. So if you don’t have the time or feel like reading all the extensive information on this website, watch these videos first, then you’ll quickly have a good idea of the product innovations, and you can discover more details on this website later at your leisure.

This arrangement in the new colour Clay Dark has several eye-catching peculiarities. The appliances are built in on the side of the cupboard wall, creating more calm in the appearance of the kitchen.

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The drawers on the living room side are in Bicolore City Brown Oak, which combines well with the inside of the glass cabinets. The ceiling frame is not only decorative, but also gives a lot of extra space. There are also many novelties and highlights behind the doors.

This set-up is a mix of the new Comfort programme and the existing Memory programme in the colour Lava. All base units have frame fronts with integrated handles. Nostalgia combined with clean lines.

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Bijzonder is ook de combinatie van ‘zwevende’ onderkasten aan de wand en een eiland met extra hoge New Dimensions onderkasten. The decorative ceiling frame also accommodates an extraction unit and functional worktop lighting.

This arrangement consists of three parts. The wall with tall units is a combination of vertical handleless units on the right side and push to open units on the left side.

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The island is a combination of a central section with a horizontal grip rail, flanked by push to open cabinets on the outside. The wall arrangement is a combination of Wall Solutions and two Cubes with oven and combination microwave.

The longer you look at this setup, the more special planning details you see. The tabletop continues into the island arrangement; the room side of the island has convenient and decorative open compartments.

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The black tall units in the middle and the top units above all tall units are placed slightly ‘deeper’; the through doors have full height handles.

On approximately 15m2 a complete arrangement with island with bar area for two persons and wall arrangement with two high cabinets.

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The cooking part and the rinsing part are aligned with each other. On the room side of the island there is a wine storage cupboard.

The New Dimensions block with base units gives extra space because the base units are no less than 91 cm high. Moreover, they are extra deep, with a 75 cm deep worktop. A sea of space. This also applies to the extra-high wall units of 117 cm high.

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The Wall Solutions system on the back wall also provides sufficient space for useful and decorative accessories. This also applies to the extra-high wall units of 117 cm high. In this kitchen you also see again a beautiful combination of horizontal and vertical handle-less, by means of the XGY profiles.

In this arrangement with modern and nostalgic elements, use has been made of 7.5 cm wide Easy to paint column walls for base units and tall units. Hierdoor komt het centraal geplaatste zwarte fornuis goed tot zijn recht.

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The glass fronts for the baskets are new and modern, while the glass doors with rods add a nostalgic touch to the kitchen. The sophisticated mix of black bar handles and knobs on the one hand and push to open fronts on the other make this kitchen a well thought-out arrangement.

More about our new products can be found on this website

All about the new programmes and the new implementation variants as well as the new colours in existing programmes. Here we also explain the new corpus and the planning possibilities. The new technical possibilities are also mapped out and we also list and describe the new cabinets and plan elements.

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