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Trendkitchen 5

Nature Split Oak

as a topical focus

Scroll down to see and read more about the applicability of Nature Split Oak and our corpus philosophy in this area. Or watch the video of this trenditchen first ... or watch the entire video tour immediately ...

The complete video tour

In this video tour of about 20 minutes, we'll tour the seven trend kitchens together ...

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Nature Split Oak

Split Oak is the trend in wooden kitchens. This high-quality plastic front has what is known as a synchronous porosity, which means that the print of the wood decor runs exactly parallel to the tangible wood grain, even where you see black "cracks" in the wood. In this kitchen in the essential color Lava, we inserted the new color Nature Split Oak, fronts, corpuses and panels. There are two other Split Oak varieties.

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Drawer behind dishwasher front

To avoid wasting space, we mounted an interior drawer behind the continuous dishwasher front. 'Short lines' when unpacking the dishwasher. A very handy new element in our collection.

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Kitchens are increasingly becoming pieces of furniture and integrated into or connected to our living spaces. If you want to hide the appliances from view, plan our "pocket doors" with all-new technology.Under the recessed worktop and behind the Ripasso fronts and panels are black corpuses. Interior and exterior color with dark-colored technical parts, such as hinges, drawers and baskets.


From our frames collection you can see here the island frame suspended from the ceiling and the table frame, which supports the bar area. The Black Inox frames harmonize perfectly with both the "black cracks" of the Split Oak decor and the lava gray fronts.

Program 1
Front color
Zerox HPL XT extreem mat
XT Lava
Price group 0.5 Panels etc.: price column etc.
Program 2
Front color
Zerox SY Synchron Pore
SY Nature Split Oak
Price Group 0.2
Color and size
New Dimensions 91 cm high
Plinth 7 cm high
FM Lava and SY Nature Split Oak
Topline Composiet Belgian Storm
In your showroom

Examples of showroom kitchens with novelties

Our trend kitchen will not fit every showroom spot. Therefore, we have drawn some more compact examples. These also combined the new accent color Nature Split Oak in a chic Lava setting. Of course, we are happy to assist in designing a kitchen for your showroom.