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Trendkitchen 6

A completely new

wood experience

Scroll down to see and read more about the it the additions in our Wood Unlimited collection in terms of color and experience. Or watch the video of this trenditchen first ... or watch the entire video tour immediately ...

Split Oak wood experience

Split Oak is the trend in wooden kitchens. Splendid makes way The success of this program has led us to now include Split Oak as a wood experience in our extensive Wood Unlimited collection. So in addition to flat doors, Wood Unlimited cassette fronts are now available and all Split Oak programs are also available in matte lacquered solid colors. In this arrangement you see a combination of Old Forest Oak and Black.

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With this boldly designed knob you will give your kitchen an industrial look. This knob features welded seams to enhance its robust character. This industrial knob does very well on Split Oak fronts. Matching the T-button, a bracket handle with welded seams is also available.

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Smala Split Line

The new Split Line wood experience will also be available in the existing and increasingly current Smala program. This program with narrow frames all around shows off the Split Line effect in the interior panels very well. Smala is available not only in 10 different wood colors and 18 wood-painted colors, but also as an atrractively priced MX version available in Snow and even in 23 LX matte-painted colors. Smala should not be missing from any showroom.

New Dimensions

We won't miss an opportunity to point out our New Dimensions base cabinets. You're gifting everyone who buys a kitchen now the 16% extra space and the ergonomic working height.
And of course, you also get to see 16% more of our beautiful kitchen furniture.

Program 1
Front color
Memory SL Split Line
SL Black
Price group 2.1 Panels etc.: price column etc.
Program 2
Front color
Ergo SL Split Line
SL Old Forest Oak
Price Group 3.1
Program 3
Front color
Smala SL Split Line
SL Old Forest Oak
Price group 3.1 Panels etc.: price column etc.
Programma 4
Front color
Smala SL Split Line
SL Black
Price Group 3.1
Color and size
New Dimensions 91 cm high
Plinth 7 cm high
FM Black
Sighting equipment
Dekker Dekton Laurent Satin
VF02 – price group Dekton Ultimo
Etna oven OM670Ti
In your showroom

Examples of showroom kitchens with novelties

Our trend kitchen will not fit every showroom spot. Therefore, we have drawn some more compact examples. These also have the new wood experience Split Line in two colors: Black and Old Forest Oak and the sturdy T knob. Of course, we are happy to assist in designing a kitchen for your showroom.