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Red dot novelties

For those who want to be informed about all novelties and new details

Below is a full explanation of the new programmes and the new implementation variants, as well as the new colours in the existing programmes. Here we also explain the new corpus and the planning possibilities. Here we also explain the new corpus and the planning possibilities.
The new technical possibilities are also shown and we offer a list with descriptions of the new cabinets and plan elements.

New programmes


Here we have listed the latest programmes for you. Clearly arranged and easy to find!

Programm Comfort
Further information about this new oak wood series with integrated handle


More information
Programm Zerox HPL XT
Read all about the colour enhancements of the supermatt anti-fingerprint series.


More information
Programm Zerox RW
RW stands for Real Wood; see here for more information about this breakthrough in ‘Real Wood’.


More information
Programm Zerox SY
A surprising addition to our synchronous pure range with two characteristic wood experiences: cracked oak and burnt wood.


More information
Programm Memory BW
BW stands for Burned Wood. It is reminiscent of lava rock and charcoal. See here for more information about this special treatment


More information
Power SC You SC Ergo SC
SC stands for soft coating, is anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint. See here for more information about the programme options An important innovation in the field of matt lacquered fronts.


More information
Grey 7016
Grey 7016 is a new lacquer colour in the range.
Grey 7016 is available as LX and SC version.
Grey 7016 matches new Pelgrim equipment in this colour.

New carcase and planning options


Below you can see pictures of four new carcase and plan options When you go to the picture, the possibility to click through appears on the back to get more information on the subject.

New body colour Clay Dark
See here for more information about the application possibilities of our new carcase colour Clay Dark


More information
New Dimensions in all body colours
All carcase colours available in New Dimensions – more information


More information
For those who do not like monotony, we have Bicolore


More information
New handleless version XGY Black
As a specialist for handleless kitchens we offer even more variety: XGY Black


More information

New technical possibilities


Our innovations in the field of body and technology

Shelves with metal fronts
Shelves with metal fronts not only look beautiful and go very well with many other Inner Beauty elements in the kitchen, they also protect the shelves from damage during daily use of the kitchen. The metal frames are made of black anodised aluminium. For the special price of € 379,- all shelves in the kitchen are equipped with metal fronts.
Black shelf supports
From 1 January 2021, all kitchens will be fitted with black shelves as standard. This matches perfectly with the many other items from Inner Beauty, such as dark hinges, anthracite drawers and pull-outs and all other cabinet interiors in anthracite. Our shelf supports have a very filigree drilling dimension of only 3 mm.
Luxury glass shelves
Our cabinets with glass doors are equipped with glass shelves as standard From now on it is also possible to equip showcases with luxury shelves with black metal frames. This gives additional appearance and stability This is another nice addition to our Inner Beauty range and goes well with all industrial style frames and display cases.
Black protective shoes for panels
From 1 January 2021, the plastic protective shoes for panels will be supplied in a black version. This goes well with black built-in appliances, black sinks and taps, black handles, display cases and industrial frames. Furthermore, it also creates a connection to all the dark objects of the inner beauty articles behind the fronts.
Dark screws
From 1 January 2021, the screws supplied for connecting enclosures and for mounting handles and knobs will be supplied in a dark version. Fits our dark hinges and all other inner beauty articles. The Torx screws have the advantage that there is a better power transmission between screw and tool and that the tool has a better grip on the screw.
Qi wireless charger
Our wireless charger for trays, smartphones etc. is suitable for installation in work surfaces, bar tops, open cabinets and cleats. The charger can be connected to the kitchen’s LED system The new version of the wireless charger is Qi compatible

New cupboards and plan elements

The latest elements

The latest elements

Glass cabinets with rods
This year we are expanding our collection to include industrial frames and glass doors with bars. They are available in widths of 45, 50 and 60 cm, with a vertical bar and in all standard wall unit heights and – depending on the height of the unit – with one or more horizontal shelves.
The type number of the glass doors is KS, they are available with clear glass (Crystal), smoked glass (Chimney) and frosted glass (Diffuse).
Basket cabinets with glass
Pull-out cabinet with glass
A beautiful and useful addition to the many glass options are the pull-out units with glass These are largely included in the collection; also in the handleless area and also in the New Dimensions series with extra high base units. The type number of the glass doors is KS, they are available with clear glass (Crystal), smoked glass (Chimney) and frosted glass (Diffuse).
Mitre molded walls
Mitred walls
Handleless kitchens are particularly suitable for the version with moulded walls. This year we are introducing a new variant, which is mitred with an impact-resistant aluminium profile. Naturally, this profile is black, in line with the current trend in appliances, sinks and taps, and of course with our industrial frames and glass doors.
High cabinets with through doors
High cupboards with full-length doors
Modern kitchen plans are perfect for high cabinets with continuous doors, seamlessly from top to bottom Rotpunkt has further expanded the selection, so that tall cabinets with one-piece doors are available in all heights and for all functions.
Island frame
As with industrial frames, we have created a very flexible solution for the realisation of frames over an island In combination with two horizontal panels a stable floating element is created. Ceiling frames are not only decorative, but also offer a lot of additional practical space. It is also possible to install an extraction system in the island frame.
Island lighting
This year we are extending our Emotion LED collection with a lighting element that can be planned over an island. This element can be included in the complete kitchen lighting plan. Emotion is dimmable and has a continuously adjustable colour temperature Adjust the story when we know the article exactly!
Easy to paint column walls
Not only for rural or nostalgic plans, but also for modern, slim designs, these easy to paint pillar walls offer a solution. Very easy to assemble All materials are precisely tailored to your needs, primed and immediately recoatable in any colour. The column walls are available in all widths between 5 and 30 cm and are suitable for all base and tall units.
Modular hob cabinets
Modular hob cabinets
We produce the ideal cabinet for every brand and every type of hob with integrated extractor fan Taking into account the thickness of the worktop and the depth of the cupboards, the space inside the cupboard with drawers is used optimally Nothing needs to be adjusted during installation
Handles and knobs
Handles and knobs
This year we are introducing a high-quality handle and knob in cast iron. These harmonise perfectly with the new oak front in Burned Wood Coal Black and with the new plastic colour Sherwood Flamed. But cast iron is also a good match on fronts in Carbon or Black. On white and wooden kitchens they provide a nice contrast.
Wall Solutions accessoires
Last year we introduced the flexible wall system Wall Solutions. This year, we are expanding the range with four useful and stylish accessories that you can hang in one easy step. New are: Towel hooks, a kitchen roll holder, a storage box and a holder for glasses All in a luxurious black metal finish
Suspended waste bins
This year we are extending our super-stable system of hanging waste bins in high and extra high versions by hanging waste bins behind a 386 mm high pull-out. So no more loose waste bins in a pull-out, but a stable hanging solution in a pull-out metal frame. Another extension is a cabinet with extra high hanging litter bins with two coupled fronts of 386 mm height (basket look).