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Trendkitchen 3



Scroll down to see and read more about the new Pavilo program and a timeless new shade of gray. Or watch the video of this trenditchen first ... or watch the entire video tour immediately ...


The Pavilo program is a new timeless variation on the classic cassette door. We have reinvented a traditional front. The clean edges of the narrow frame combined with bevels of the interior panel create a contemporary and timeless character. Pavilo MX is an extra advantageous action kitchen in price group 0.5.

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Just Grey

Just Grey is a current shade of gray that fits right in with our times and also with Rotpunkt's color palette. Just Grey makes the connection between the popular colors Grigio and Daylight Grey. Just Grey completes the series of bright shades of gray between Snow and Black. Just Grey is available in many different front colors and also as a body color. In this arrangement, you see Just Grey matte lacquered.

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Double panels

What makes this planning special, besides the new program and color, is the use of "double panels" in two different thicknesses in the open space at the rear of the island. The panels harmonize with the Memory RI wall cabinets in the color New Forest Oak.Under the recessed worktop and behind the Memory RI fronts and panels are black corpuses. Interior and exterior color with dark-colored technical parts, such as hinges, drawers and baskets.

Easy to Paint column walls

Easy To Paint column walls were used in this kitchen. A quick and easy solution to create partitions in the kitchen. From the factory all materials exactly to size at hand, primed and immediately repaintable in any color. The column walls are available in all widths between 5 and 30 cm and are suitable for all base and tall units.


Another classic: a variation on the "chemin de fer" button. Now executed is matte black and with a slightly tighter line. A perfect combination with the timeless Pavilo doors in Just Grey. Included in our collection under number 499. This exclusive knob comes at no additional cost.

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Memory RI

This arrangement is another good example of how widely applicable and combinable the Memory RI program is. The handleless wall cabinets are finished in the color New Forest Oak.

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Program 1
Front color
Pavilo MX Matt lacquered
MX Just Grey
Price group 0.5 Panels etc.: price column etc.
Program 2
Front color
Memory RI Ribbed Wood
RI New Forest Oak
Price group 3.1
Color and size
X13 78 cm high
Plinth 13 cm high
FM Just Grey
Sighting equipment
Topline Ceramic Nero Greco
FM44 + Jocalia – price group CTS-nnb
Atag oven CX46121D
In your showroom

Examples of showroom kitchens with novelties

The above trend kitchen will fit in many showrooms, and that is why we are happy to give it as an example for your showroom. In addition, we also propose a straight wall arrangement, also with the programs Pavilo MX and Memory RI and easy to paint column walls. Of course, we are happy to assist in designing a kitchen for your showroom.