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Trendkitchen 2

Action Kitchen


Scroll down to see and read more about the price breakthrough of anti-fingerprint fronts, in 6 different colors. Or watch the video of this trenditchen first ... or watch the entire video tour immediately ...

Mat Anti-fingerprint

Zerox MA is a new program. The letters MA stand for matte and anti-fingerprint. In this kitchen we present the black version. Especially with dark colors, anti-fingerprint is a must. We have been selling anti-fingerprint kitchens for a number of years, but never as attractively priced as the MA version from price group 0.2: a price breakthrough. Sides are available and five more front colors.

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Memory RI

In addition to a number of wood colors, the new Memory RI program is also available in matte black lacquered wood version. The black version is even finished with an antifingerprint coating: an absolute must for the combination of handleless and a dark color.
This version pairs well with matte black flat fronts, and with our black metal glass cabinets, handle strips and frames. The vertical Memory RI line is of added value.

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Glass Cabinets

Behind the glass doors with 50 mm Black Inox frame and our special Factory glass you can see some of the other special features of a Rotpunkt kitchen, such as the New Dimensions body height of 91 cm, the corpuses inside and outside in color and dark hinges and shelf supports Under the recessed worktop and behind the Memory RI fronts and panels there are black corpuses Interior and exterior color with dark-colored technical parts, such as hinges, drawers and baskets.


The 120 cm lighting above the kitchen island is from our LED Emotion series, with infinitely adjustable color temperature and of course dimmable. All lighting in the kitchen is controllable with one remote control and is 'smarthome', suitable for Zigbee 3.0

Program 1
Front color
Zerox MA Mat Anti-fingerprint
MA Black
Price Group 0.2
Program 2
Front color
Memory RI Ribbed Wood
RI Black
Price group 3.1 Panels etc.: price column etc.
Color and size
New Dimensions 91 cm high
Plinth 7 cm high
FM Black
Plafondverlichting met afstandsbediening
ZLPN 120
Inox Black
Glass Cabinets
Glass type
Type J – 50 mm frame
Inox Black
Factory Glass
Sighting equipment
Topline Sima Core Kaspio Argento
TC20 – price group CTS-R
AEG combi microwave KMK968000T
In your showroom

Examples of showroom kitchens with novelties

Our trend kitchen will not fit every showroom spot. Therefore, we have drawn some more compact examples. These also have the novelties such as the programs Zerox MA and Memory RI and the glass cabinet with Factory glass. Of course, we are happy to assist in designing a kitchen for your showroom.