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All handleless possibilities collected on one page

All handle-less possibilities

6 types of Handleless

We understand very well why our unique handleless kitchens are so popular. Because we integrate the handles into the kitchen cabinets, we create a modern minimalist kitchen with clean lines. And this in turn creates a calm atmosphere. An additional advantage of our handleless kitchens is the great diversity of possibilities,

so that we always have a finish that matches your kitchen. For example, do you opt for a bowl profile in stainless steel colour or similar to the cupboard colour? It is your kitchen, so you can decide. Good to know: almost all of our kitchen ranges are available in a handle-less version.


And also a lot of colour possibilities

The rounded inserts, which are partly hidden behind the fronts, are not only available in Inox colour but also in all paint colours in our LX and MX range. Ton-sur-ton or contrasting … everything is possible.

XGA colour options



Super-tight insertion profile

In addition to the well-known and traditional rounded inset profile, as a specialist in handleless kitchens we also have a sleek angular version in our collection.

Matching our Industrial Frames and glass doors this profile is available in Inox Black. XGE is also available in Inox, Snow MX and all LX colours.
XGE colour options



Insert profiles in the colour of the cabinets or fronts

You can choose the same material and colour as the cabinets or the fronts to create a unity. But of course it is also possible to choose a contrasting colour.

An infinite number of combinations are really possible here.
XGK colour options - frontkleurenXGK colour options - corpus kleuren



Bevelled metal strips on fronts

All fronts are fitted with bevelled metal strips in the colour Inox.

In the cabinets an insert profile is placed in a harmonising or contrasting colour.
XGD colour options - inserts in front coloursXGD colour options - insert profiles in body colours



Bevelled fronts

All fronts are bevelled at the top.

In the cupboards, an insert profile is placed in the front colour to create a calm colour image, but it is also possible to choose an insert profile in a contrasting colour.
XGS colour options - inserts in front coloursXGS colour options - insert profiles in body colours



New in the collection – black metal strips with handle compartment

Sophisticated black accent or completely black … XGY Black has both possibilities. If you choose a light kitchen with a sophisticated black accent, XGY Black is a new possibility. No more annoying stainless steel lines in sight. The same applies when you combine the integrated black handles with a black front. A strong and indestructible combination. While at the same time you also have the possibility to bring more colour into the kitchen by means of the insert profile.

XGY colour options - inserts in front coloursXGY colour options - inzetprofielen in corpuskleuren