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Glass doors

Here we would like to zoom in on the glass cabinets that match our Industrial Frames.
The industrial Frames have a frame size of 50 x 20 mm. We supply glass cabinets in both 50 mm and 20 mm width.

Inspiration Glassdoors

Glass door colour choices

Colour options
The frames of the glass doors are made of aluminium. Matching the Industrial Frames they are delivered in the colour Inox Black.
Doortype J is also available in the colour Inox.
Inox Black

Glass door frame choices

Door type
Doortype K has a frame width of 20 mm and type J has a frame width of 50 mm.
This year we are introducing a new variant: KS. It has a frame width of 20 mm and is fitted with horizontal and vertical rods.
The number of rods depends on the size of the door.
Doortype K
Doortype J
Doortype KS


Choice of glass types

Glass type
Then you can choose which type of glass you would like to use, which corresponds best to your wishes and most closely matches your kitchen.

Crystal (clear glass)

Diffuse (frosted glass)

Chimney (smoked glass)

Factory (industrial glass)