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Zerox SY

SY Synchron Pore


Zerox SY is the well-known plastic range with wood decors that are truly indistinguishable from the real thing because the wood structure and the drawing of the wood are synchronous. What you see is also what you feel.
This year’s colour extension is again very special. On one side a natural oak decor with cracks and on the other side a dark oak decor resembling burnt wood. Both very true to nature.

Product information:

Top layer: Plastic Synchron Pore
Core material: 19 mm chipboard
Rear: Front colour

Price information:

Old Split Oak – price group 0.2
Panels etc.: price column b
Sherwood Flamed – price group 0.3
Panels etc.: price column b

Old Split Oak

A new wood decor in the Rotpunkt collection. Because of its natural character, it can very well be used in kitchens with a residential function. The cracks in the decor image of Old Split Oak are very natural, which is further enhanced by the structure that is synchronous with the colour image.

Sherwood Flamed

The structure Sherwood Flamed is derived from Shou Sugi Ban, an old Japanese technique whereby the surface of wood is burned. The charred layer protects the wood against rot and at the same time acts as a fire retardant. With the help of innovative technologies, we have succeeded in translating this burnt wood effect into decorative front material. In Sherwood flamed you experience a natural structure, and feel the loose relief that gives the experience of the charred top layer of burnt wood. The changing incidence of light will always give a different experience.

Extensive size possibilities

With the Zerox SY range, all XTend cupboard options are available and custom doors are also available. New Dimensions with 91 cm high base units are also possible. And of course also available in handle-less version G78 and G91.

Horizontally and vertically

With both new colours it is possible to have the wood structure run from left to right or from bottom to top.

Available colours

See the complete range of our SY colours below.
SY colours can be combined particularly well with dark bodies. The new colour Clay Dark is ideally suited for this. But also the colours Carbon, Black and Lava can be made beautiful combinations, possibly finished with front panels on the visible sides of the kitchen. It is a matter of taste; the choice is yours!