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Zerox HPL XT


High Pressure Laminate Xtreme


Product information:

Top layer: HPL High Pressure Laminate Core material: 19 mm BioBoard/chipboard Edges: 1.3 mm edges

Rear: Front colour

Price information:

Price group 0.5 Panels etc.: price column etc.

The new colours

Clay Dark is a rather dark grey tone, slightly lighter than Carbon, but above all warmer. The demand for dark colours is still increasing, and Clay Dark is therefore also a welcome addition to our range. Clay Dark is also a new carcass colour and available in other front versions such as matt lacquer and wood lacquer.
Daylight Grey is located at the far end of the grey colour spectrum. This light grey colour has been in the delivery programme for several years, but is now also available in the HPL XT version. Here, too, corpusses with inside and outside are available in colour.

Super good

The HPL XT (High Pressure Laminate Xtreme) is a particularly high-quality plastic material with special properties.
The product arguments once again:
+ Super matt surface
+ Anti-fingerprint
+ Easy to clean
+ Highly resistant to chemicals
+ Highly UV resistant
+ Pleasant ‘look and feel
For handleless kitchens, the anti-fingerprint is an absolute must.

Extensive possibilities for the size

With the Zerox range, all XTend cabinet options are available and custom doors are also available. New dimensions with 91 cm high base units are also possible. And of course also available in the handle-less version G78 and G91.

Available colours

See below the complete range of our XT colours.
Almost all XT colours, such as the new colours Clay Dark and Daylight Grey, can be supplied with matching interior and exterior cabinets in colour. Combining with another uni-colour or a wood decor can also lead to beautiful combinations.