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New carcase and planning options

More cabinet colours

Clay Dark

New Dimensions

More cabinet colours available


New Handleless options


Cupboards inside and outside in colour

More cabinet colors
Clay Dark is a new, widely applicable cabinet colour in the Rotpunkt collection. As you are used to from Rotpunkt, not only the inside and outside of the cabinets are in this colour, but also many other articles such as skirtings and cleats are available in this colour. It is therefore perfectly possible to make kitchens in Clay Dark completely colour-matched, with cupboards, doors and cleats in the same colour.
Clay Dark is not just a fashion colour, but the expectation is that it will be a long-lasting colour in the collection: timeless.
Clay Dark is a rather dark shade of grey, slightly lighter than Carbon, but above all warmer. At present we still see an increasing demand for dark cabinet and front colours.

A valuable addition to the collection

Clay Dark

Clay Dark = Greenline GEN2

Clay Dark and wood colours

But especially the combination with wood colours is surprisingly large. Of course it is a question of taste, but in today’s fashion you will most likely come across combinations of Clay Dark with the following colours Old Split Oak, Bardolia Real Oak, Sherwood Bronx and also City Nature colors
Old Split Oak
City Grey Oak
City Brown Oak
City Nature Oak
Clay Dark
Sherwood Bronx

Clay Dark is available within the whole collection

There are a variety of fronts in Clay Dark

  • Plastic fine matt
  • Plastic supermatt with anti-fingerprint
  • Matt lacquered in many different front versions
  • Matt lacquered with Soft coating with anti-vibration print
  • Wood lacquered in different wood grades
  • Clay Dark = Greenline Gen2

    The board material in the colour Clay Dark is of course Greenline Bioboard Gen2. It could not be more environmentally friendly.


    Clay Dark is also a basic colour of New Dimensions

    The base units from New Dimensions are 91 cm high and give your kitchen 16% more volume in addition to an ergonomic working height. The base units from New Dimensions are 91 cm high and give your kitchen 16% more volume in addition to an ergonomic working height.

    TopMatch worktops

    As you can see from the rest of the story, the colour Clay Dark can be perfectly combined with many other colours, but it is also very stylish to install a TopMatch worktop in a harmonious shade. We recommend one of the following work surfaces

  • Ceramics Iron Moss
  • Komposit Belgian Earth of
  • Simacore-Smaragd
  • Clay Dark stands for warm, timeless and contemporary!

    Extension New Demensions carcase colours

    New Dimensions

    We have extended our collection of 91 cm high base units with the new colour Clay Dark and the existing basic colour white. With which we now have five popular and easily combinable carcase colours for planning new-dimension constellations at a basic price. By the way, all other carcase colours can also be selected in the New Dimensions base unit height. Then there is a modest supplement per cupboard or a low package price for the entire kitchen. There are no more reasons not to plan kitchens from New Dimensions.

    Clay Dark

    Advantages New Dimensions

    New Dimensions is a product that can look forward to a strong increase in sales on the Dutch market.

  • 16% more space in your cupboards and less wasted space behind the skirting
  • Possibility for additional drawers or for larger pull-outs
  • Ergonomic working height: after all, the Dutch are the tallest people in the world
  • The demand for thin worktops is still increasing, which requires higher base units.
  • 16



    For those who do not like monotony, we have added a series of “bicolour” cabinets to our collection. The drawer fronts can be provided with a different front colour. This creates a contrasting or harmonising line in your kitchen

    Combination with the worktop or a stollen

    If you want to make this line even clearer, you can also include the worktop or a stollen in the colour of the bicolour front, thus creating a visual unit in your kitchen planning.
    New element

    How do I order Bicolore cabinets?

    For the most common cabinets we have defined separate type numbers for cabinets with a different drawer front. When ordering the cabinet, please specify which other colour the drawer front should have.
    If you wish to have a drawer front in a different colour in a less conspicuous cabinet, it is also possible to order it with the MXXX option.

    Examples of plans

    Below you will see a variety of ways in which Bicolore can be used in an island construction, some also in combination with a multi-coloured worktop cut-out.

    Refined black accent or completely black

    New handleless options
    XGY Black has both possibilities. If you opt for a bright kitchen with a sophisticated black accent, XGY Black is a new option. No more annoying stainless steel pipes in sight. The same applies if you combine the integrated black handles with a black front. A strong and indestructible combination.

    Specialist for handleless kitchens

    This year we are expanding our collection to include the handleless system XGY Black. We have several systems for making kitchens handleless. In addition to a very extensive collection of cabinet variants, we also have a large selection of door variants.

    Vertical handleless

    For two or more tall units, it is possible to use a vertical, handleless version. The doors can then be opened over the full height of the doors. The rear profile is of course also in black. This is also a good solution for installing large refrigerators.

    Beauty from inside and out

    The black lines of XGY Black also perfectly match the “inner beauty” of our kitchens. Here a Rotpunkt kitchen is unique: dark hinges, dark shelves, drawers and pull-outs in graphite with dark glass, dark turntables and many other cabinet layouts.

    Extensive size possibilities

    In the XGY Black range, all XTend cabinet options are available and custom doors are also available. New Dimensions with 91 cm high base units are also possible.

    Modification type numbers

    Rotpunkt is a specialist for handleless kitchens. In many types of programmes and also in all sizes. New Dimensions, 91 cm high base units, are also available in various handleless versions. Until now, these variants went through life as G78A, G78E etc. This coding is no longer ideal because of the number 78, as it is also available in a height of 91 cm, as are the vertical handleless options at all heights. Therefore we will adjust the type numbers as follows from the next price list:
    G78A becomes XGA
    G78D becomes XGD
    G78E becomes XGE
    G78K becomes XGK
    G78S becomes XGS
    G78Y becomes XGY

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