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Memory BW

Burned Wood Black


This is justifiably a Tailor-made front. Our popular Memory veneer range has undergone an additional handcrafted process reminiscent of burnt wood, lava stone and charcoal. So Burned Wood is a fitting name for this black lacquered wooden front.

Product information:

Upper layer: Lacquered veneer
Core material: 20 mm chipboard
Rear: Front colour without ‘burnt wood’ effect

Price information:

Price group 3.1
Panels etc.: price column l


The photo shows the program Memory Burned Wood Black in the version Zero, without profiling. However, it is also possible to design the front with vertical profiling. We know the following variants:
– A vertical groove in the middle
– R20/Twenty; with vertical grooves at 20 cm intervals
– R15/Fifteen; with vertical grooves at 15 cm intervals
– R10/Ten; with vertical grooves at 10 cm intervals
– R5/Five; with vertical grooves at 5 cm intervals

Infinite grip possibilities

The entire collection of more than 100 handles and knobs in combination with various drillings is at your disposal. But especially for the fronts made of burnt wood we have added two new cast iron handles to the collection. A particularly well fitting combination

Extensive size possibilities

In the Memory Burned Wood range, all XTend cabinet options are available as well as customised doors. New dimensions with 91 cm high base units are also possible. And of course also available in the handle-less version G78 and G91.


The Memory BW Burned Wood range is available in one colour: 218 Coal Black. Below you see a slightly larger picture of the front material Wood and veneers show the bizarre and original nature like knots, cracks and different colour patterns. Every kitchen is therefore unique This is also enhanced by the manual “burnt wood” effect, which is really different with every door. The ‘charcoal lines’ go very well with lava coloured bodies. Other good options are black and carbon. Other good possibilities are Black and Carbon.