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Wood Unlimited

Comfort is a completely new oak programme, tailor-made, a frame front with a frame width of 60 mm on three sides. The handle is integrated in the wide part of the frame (90 mm). This is a valuable addition to the many handle-less possibilities in the Rotpunkt range.

Product information:

Frame: 60 and 90 mm wide and 23 mm thick solid oak
Inner panel: 8 mm veneered

Price information:

Classic line: price group 2.2
Panels etc.: price column k
Forest line: price group 3.1
Panels etc.: price column l
Oak line: price group 4.1
Panels etc.: price column m

Tight nostalgia

If you like nostalgia combined with clean lines, we now have a programme that has both elements in it. The wooden doors of the Comfort range have solid oak frames, into which the handle is integrated (concealed) for a warm handle-less look.

Wood Unlimited

Comfort is now part of our Wood Unlimited programme. You can choose which wood experience you want, from quiet knot-free to knot-rich with sandblasted coarse oak structure. All stain colours and all uni-lacquered colours are then at your disposal.

Drawers and baskets

The baskets and the extra-large baskets are also fitted with fronts with an integrated handle. The drawers can be opened by means of a push-to-open system.

Specialist for handleless kitchens

We are specialists in handleless kitchens. We have several systems for making kitchens handleless. In addition to a very extensive collection of cabinet variants, we also have a large selection of door variants. This year we are expanding our collection with the G78Y Black handle-less system and the handle-less door option: Comfort.

Extensive size possibilities

With the Comfort programme, all XTend cabinet options are available and custom doors are also available. New dimensions with 91 cm high base units are also possible.

Available colours

Comfort is available in all wood colours and in all matt lacquered uni colours. For detailed ordering information see page xx of the fronts overview.
9 Available wood colours
18 painted colour options